Alternative Management Techniques

If it appears that (regular) thermal management of the drinking water system doesn’t give the desired result, there is a possibility to choose for an alternative management technique. To come to the right decision in terms of type of technology, a thorough research is essential.

On the basis of the type of system, and the problems in the building that cause a failure of the thermal management system, it is possible that some of the alternative management techniques don’t work as well. To exclude this from happening, we give you independent advice for which system would apply best for you.

Example of such techniques:

  • UV-C (ultraviolet class C)
  • UF (ultrafiltration)
  • Copper-silver ionisation
  • Anodic oxydation

The popularly used name ‘Alternative technique’ suggests that with the purchase of such systems the regular management will lapse. However, this is not the case. These systems should be seen as complementary to the current management in which one or more factors from the thermal management is replaced in a new management system where a device like that belongs.

After placing one of these systems, the update of your legionella management plan is mandatory and essential for a chance of success.

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