Digital log Legionella

Administration for you as a building manager is a growing burden. To limit the amount of supervision and administration it is worth to invest in digitization of your administrative tasks. Think in this case about digitizing and automating your legionella prevention log.

The digital log provides an automatically created maintenance schedule, generates work orders (digitally in PDA or on paper), gives an overall picture of the current status and reminds the person with final responsibility when tasks aren’t executed.

In addition, the legionella prevention log can be expanded with extra modules. The basic structure of maintenance plans for regular maintenance, fire safety and environmental permits are in general the same as legionella prevention.

To simplify this, we can offer you a software application in which maintenance plans can be processed and tracked very efficiently.

The application consists of two parts:

IOS Mapper:

Mapper is a software application that identifies and inspects elements of risk in various domains, such as regular maintenance, legionella prevention, fire safety, physical security, environmental permits and so on.

Besides, the module is provided with a powerful reporting feature.

IOS Publisher:

Publisher is responsible for the publishing of the Mapper risk elements and inspections such as the legionella risk analysis, the management plan and log via a SAAS web platform. From here risk information can be published centralized.

Total security management plan

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