Legionella Management plan

The legionella management plan is the central document for your (drinking) water system. We are specialized in the draw up of legionella management plans for drinking water installations, cooling towers, aeraulics systems, swimming pools and process water systems.

In this digital era, keeping a clear overview of the maintenance work of your building is becoming increasingly easier. Therefore, we would like to offer you a digital management plan and log. Our digital management plan allows you the possibility, alongside legionella prevention, to amplify with other safety systems which include fire prevention, machine safety and environmental permits.

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To set up a management plan, a risk assessment in the shape of a visual inspection of the system is necessary. This inventory will indicate which corrective and preventive measures should be undertaken. The concerned measures are incorporated in a risk analysis and elaborated in the management plan and the log for periodic management measures.

Our legionella management plans are built up according to the ‘Assessment guidelines’ 6010 (‘BRL’ in Dutch).
Despite the strict guidelines that management plans have to encounter, reports are customized as the client desires.

Total security management plan

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