Sampling and analysis

In accordance with the regulations, it is obligatory, in relation to the Legionella management plan, to assess the water quality on the presence of the Legionella bacterium.

We take care of this sampling and would like to analyse this for you, where these activities will be provided by our accredited partners.

  • Confirmation of contamination after 7 days via PCR method incl. In addition, this confirmation also gives an answer to Non Pneumophila or Pneumophila (hazardous or not).
  • The report of the research will be delivered to you in the form of a PDF file by e-mail after 7 days. A white print will be delivered on request.
  • The sampling is based on the number of samples on the next Staffel prepared by the inspection environment and transport.

We are also happy to assist you in the sampling and analysis of process water or drinking water research on other paratroers.

Total security management plan

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